Strategic Planning

Our Strategic planning consultancy enable organizations to formally plan their actions, initiatives, focus, tactics, efforts, priorities, objectives, management and utilization of resources to accomplish corporate objectives and goals. It is vitally important that every organization have protocol and best practices in place to assist them in maintaining stability in an intricate and varying environment, planning for growth, and to ensure consistency in operations; such as the alignment of employees, sponsors, and key decision makers in working together to meet corporate goals, vision, mission, and expectations.

At SJG, our strategic planning services assist our clients with:

  • Determining their position in the marketplace.

  • Developing a strategic plan.

  • Building the plan.

  • Determining the deliverable’s.

  • Managing performance and KPI’s.

  • Reviewing & analyzing Internal and/or external issues.

  • Reviewing corporate objectives.

  • Reviewing & developing corporate initiatives.

  • Reviewing & planning key activities.

  • Reviewing and coordinating achievement teams.

  • Reviewing & developing action steps.

  • Plus, more…

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