Human Capital Management & Organizational Development

I. Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

At the SJG we understand that a corporation success hedges on the decision made and direction given by their leadership.

Our Executive coaching services focus on developing leadership skills that enable executives to initiate change management ideologies, manage operations, develop talent, maximize the performance and management of human capital. While remaining anchored and steadfast in accomplishing the mission of corporate responsibility, profitability, objectives, protocol and to effectively and efficiently navigate through challenging environments. The executive and leadership coaching is a personalized process that’s formulated based on the individual leader’s abilities, strengths, challenges, desire and aptitude to accomplish near and long term corporate objectives. Our protocol is one that enables us to connect with the leader on a one on one personable, and professional basis to focus on accomplishing a designated purpose and agenda.

II. Performance and Talent Management

Our Performance and talent management consultancy is focused around the commitment and corporate objectives to attract, acquire, retain, and develop talent. We recognize the importance of a role that human capital management plays in an organization success. We
focus on contributing to the professional development of your human capital, specifically to those in the management, leadership; executive and C-suite roles. Our methodology and advisory is centered around the role that these key employees play in the success, improvement of performance, and the maximization of talent. We recognize the continuous need to invest into the optimization of your most valuable asset in accomplishing the objectives and goals of the organization.

III. Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or “EQ” is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. EQ typically include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions and having a positive effect on other…Learn More

IV. Succession Planning

Our Succession planning consultancy focuses on the importance of identifying, developing, and promoting talent into key employee roles within the organization. This very important strategy is utilized by industry leaders to ensure the organization is constantly moving forward, and is not stagnated when a key employee, such an executive or C-Level leader retires, or leaves the company for any reason. We help organizations to proactively plan for the future; and consider such things as growth, attrition, and talent management. By utilizing a systematic approach to analyzing skill sets, aptitude, performance, abilities, and potential those in leadership can realize a competitive advantage and safeguard productivity. Succession planning works in concert with talent management, which helps to create a healthy culture of employees which are motivated, engaged and focused on long term careers and maximizing performance within the organization. Let us assist you in formulating a strategy, system, methodology and formal process to ensure key employees are in position to fill critical roles when needed.

V. Strategic Planning

Our Strategic planning consultancy enable organizations to formally plan their actions, initiatives, focus, tactics, efforts, priorities, objectives, management and utilization of resources to accomplish corporate objectives and goals. It is vitally important that every organization have protocol and best practices in place to assist them in maintaining stability in an intricate and varying environment, planning for growth, and to ensure consistency in operations; such as the alignment of employees, sponsors, and key decision makers in working together to meet corporate goals, vision, mission, and…Learn More

VI. Diversity & Inclusion

The SJG Diversity & Inclusion program utilizes subject matter experts, best practices, research, real world ideology, and effective methodology to help Sports & Entertainment, Non-Profit, Boutique, Mid-Market, Privately Held, Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 organizations transform their environment, culture, growth, thrive, and prosper in this ultra-competitive, challenging, and…Learn More

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