The V.I.P. Training (Valuable Insightful Proposition)

Our V.I.P. Training delivers the mechanics, comprehension, and tools that enable sales professionals to formulate their persuasive, winning statement(s), methodology, and solutions on why a potential customer should do business with their organization.

The Winning Edge!!

Participants will:

  • Learn the meaning and importance of a value proposition.

  • Learn & understand the role that their value proposition plays in giving them a competitive advantage and uniqueness in the marketplace.

  • Learn what their value proposition should highlight?

  • Learn how to construct their valuable proposition.

  • Learn how to apply the following components in developing their valuable proposition such as:

  • Discovering and defining the problem(s) to be solved and its impact to their prospects organization.

  • Analyzing the depth of the impact and P.A.I.N. of the issue(s) to the organization.
    Such issue could include:

  1. Objectives and Goals
  2. Corporate Initiatives
  3. External threats or challenges
  4. Internal challenges
  • Learn how to analyze how the nonresolution of the business problem will affect the human capital, operation, finances, etc. of the organization.

  • Learn how to quantify the impact of the P.A.I.N. if not resolved with urgency.

  • Learn how to uncover the Issue(s) that must be resolved due to internal and external factors.

  • Learn how to uncover if there are internal mandates, initiatives, protocol, goals, and milestones issues to accomplish; and how to position value proposition as a solution.

  • Learn how to discover the void and/or opportunity within the organization and marketplace to be filled.

  • Learn how to evaluate and deliver a value proposition that is compelling, distinguished, that creates a call to action, and sense of urgency by their prospect and their organization to say “YES” to doing business with their company.

  • Learn how to properly position their value proposition to win more new business.

  • Plus more…..

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