Resources & Valued Added Solutions

A very important aspect of our mission at the SJG is to continually add substantial value to our clients and network. We understand that sales, marketing, branding all work in conjunction; that time is a commodity, professionalism is required, proper business protocol is necessary and all play an important role and function in contributing to the success and progress of organizations. Through our strategic partners and network, we have enabled our clients to have access to several valued added solutions such as brand development, digital advertising, web development, virtual assistance, and image consultant services.

I. Brand Development

Connecting with customers is a priority in every business or organization. Selling your products and services takes a lot more than great product features and low prices. By creating a great and clear brand identity is all about giving your customers a reason to believe in the products and services that you are providing. We can help you provide complete branding services, from logo recreation and products to re-branding and re-positioning yourself within the marketplace.

II. Digital Advertisement

We love to build compelling campaigns that will help generate brand awareness and qualified traffic.

From a strategic standpoint we help you:

  • Understand the digital landscape and terminology

  • Establish goals and objectives

  • Evaluate your competitors

  • Determine the most effective tactics for your market

  • Develop and implement an achievable plan

  • Measure & analyze the results

III. Interactive Web Development

Every website design should start with the thinking about the audience that you want to target, their objectives, and more importantly how you can help the user find information they need quickly. By creating a custom designed website with strategic planning that will ensure to generate greater brand engagement, measurable results, and higher conversions.