The Art of Power Prospecting Training

Our Art of Power Prospecting Training teaches one of the most essential activities and responsibilities of every sales professional which is to develop a pipeline or funnel of continuous potential buyers/customers that convert into new business.

The Winning Edge!!

Participants will:

  • Learn the meaning and importance of prospecting.

  • Learn how to consistently and continuously fill and replenish their sales pipeline.

  • Learn techniques and best practices top performers utilize to maximize production.

  • Learn why prospecting is essential.

  • Learn the difference between a prospect vs. a suspect.

  • Learn how to locate their target customer profile.

  • Learn how to locate, engage, build rapport, build creditability and meet with and/or connect with the true decision maker.

  • Learn the tools and techniques of power prospecting.

  • Learn a big reason many sales representatives fail in the profession of sales or fall short of meeting their quotas consistently.

  • Learn how to engage and connect with upper management and C-level executives.

  • Learn strategies, nuances, and insights on how to add value to the professional lives of key decision makers.

  • Learn how top performers meet and exceed their goals and quotas consistently.

  • Learn the best practices of power prospecting

  • Learn how to develop a strategy on how to engage with their prospect.

  • Learn how to define “who” their ideal or targeted client is.

  • Learn how to decide “when” are the best times and days to contact the prospect.

  • Learn the importance of knowing the “why” or the reason they are contacting the prospect.

  • Learn why they must decide and formulate “what” messaging they are going to disseminate to their prospect.

  • Learn how to develop a strategy or plan on “where” and “how” to reach their prospect.

  • Learn techniques on how to gather critical information on their targeted prospect and organization.

  • Learn strategies on how to contact and connect with prospects.

  • Learn how to discover and understand the drivers of their prospects.

  • Learn how to discovery and position important business drivers.

  • Learn how to utilize data and numbers to build creditability with their prospect.

  • Learn how to discover, leverage timing, and build the urgency for their prospect to commit to doing business with them and their organization in a timely manner.

  • Plus, more….

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