About Us

The Solomon Jordan Group(SJG) specializes in offering comprehensive training solutions to sales force of organizations who operate in the business to business or B2B space. We also offer training that caters to the needs of organizations whose sales professionals offer product and services directly to the consumer or B2C. We understand that being a sales professional is a very challenging career, and has become even more challenging in the current business environment due to increased competition, and very informed consumers to name a few. Furthermore, even the most talented and experienced sales professionals with innate abilities still must consistently and continuously, learn, adapt, and refine their skill set and craft.

Our trainings and programs are designed to enable those professionals to dramatically improve their production, optimize their talents, generate substantial revenue, and sustained value to their organization.

Our trainees gain knowledge, use evidence informed practices, practice techniques, improve their sales skill sets, and utilize best practices and strategies to assist them with becoming top performers. Our training efforts have translated to increased market penetration, profitability, talent retention, and competitive advantages in the marketplace and a bottom line increase for our customers.

The SJG, also offers consulting solutions in human capital management; leadership development, emotional intelligence, performance management, talent management, and strategic planning. We understanding that an organization’s most important and valued asset are their people. It is vital that leadership is continuously developed, focused and refined, talent is constantly being optimized, performance is steadily being improved and the future stability and growth of an organization is always being considered. An organization’s current and future success must be visualized and planned. A large portion of that plan is contingent on an organization’s commitment and investment into their people, processes, practices, and strategy.

As the Managing Director of the SJG, Jamar Jordan delivers his subject matter expertise and business leadership skills to The Solomon Jordan Group. Mr. Jordan uses his experience, wisdom, vision, desire to serve, and laser sharp focus on adding value to individuals and organizations to lead the organizations by example.

He offers an innate keen comprehension and insight into the discipline of business, and a global perspective which is reflected in his strong business acumen and direction of The Solomon Jordan Group(SJG). Through his 20 years of successful experience in business development, consulting, and as a managing director he has been able to make a measurable, profitable, and substantial impact in the realm of business. He has gained a wealth of professional experience, knowledge and education. He earned a Business Marketing Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, he has developed millions of dollars in new business, delivered business critical solutions, and substantial value for startups, mid-market privately held, fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies such as Bank of America, Staples Business Corp., Greystar, Wells Fargo, Marriott, Ricoh Business Solutions, to name a few, and many others. At the core The Solomon Jordan Group(SJG) operates from an ideological approach centered around keen insightful learning, global vision, mastering your expertise, optimizing your performance, adding value to others, maximizing your talents, and the tenacious pursuit of excellence.

The Solomon Jordan Group

To provide effective training, education, transformation, strategy, perspective, advisory, and wisdom to business organizations

Involves utilizing wisdom, knowledge, insight, talent, subject matter expertise, best practices, strong business acumen, vision, and a global business perspective to add substantial value to organizations. We have a customer centric ideology, and follow a 360-degree perspective that involves analyzing multiple aspects of the core of business.

We vow, to serve our clients with excellence, integrity, an aligned purpose, and a focus on the success and growth of their organization.

Core Competencies

Consultative Sales Training 99
Top Performance Methodology 99
Strategic Planning 99
Professional Development 99

“Wise Business Solutions & Development”

At The Solomon Jordan Group our approach involves utilizing wisdom, knowledge, insight, talent, subject matter expertise, best practices, strong business acumen, vision, and a global business perspective to add substantial value to organizations.