The ABC’S (Always Be Consultative Selling) Training

Our ABC’S Training focuses on solutions based selling, problem solving abilities, subject matter expertise, and value added deliverables. It highlights the ideology and methodology of world class sales performers. It reiterates the fact and prerequisite that today’s knowledgeable, savvy, and well informed clients require and expect substantial value from the professionals and organizations they partner with.

The Winning Edge!!

Participants will:

  • Learn the art of solutions based selling.

  • Learn how to operate and position themselves as a subject matter expert.

  • Learn how to discovery what is important and business critical to their prospective client and their organization.

  • Learn how to deliver substantial value to their clients.

  • Learn how to uncover the P.A.I.N. of the prospect and their organization.

  • Learn how to ask the most effective open ended & probing questions.

  • Learn the importance and how to utilize the skill of active listening to win more business.

  • Learn how to add substantial value to their prospective clients’ organization.

  • Learn how to be a professional problem solver.

  • Learn how to gather, evaluate, understand, and interpret essential information internally, and externally.

  • Learn how to discovery opportunities(s) and uncover the need for external knowledge, expertise, and deliverables that their prospective customer currently does not utilize.

  • Learn the importance and best practices of being well research, competent, and knowledgeable about the company, and their industry.

  • Learn how to deliver world class solutions.

  • Plus much more…..

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